Air Polishing

Innovative air polishing technique uses a machine that cleans & polishes the teeth with a mix of compressed air, water & fine medicated powder.

Air Polishing
Benefits of air polishing

Benifits of Air Polishing

Safest Stain removal

Removing teethstains by traditional way of scaling causes enamel loss, scratches & sensitivity. With advanced contactless air polishing we can Safely remove discolouration & all the stains caused by Coffee Tea Smoking Gutka Pan Red wine.

Reduces Teeth sensitivity

Air polishingis ideal way for those who suffer from sensitive teeth.The Microparticles from powder block the exposed dentinal tubules and reduce dental sensitivity. Since it is contactless cleaning there is lack of direct contact& absence of heat and vibration.

Faster cleaning in one appointment

Studies shown thatair polishing is over 3 times faster at removing stains & plaque thantraditional cleaning so can be completed in one visit.

Brightens your teeth

It effectively removes all the stains & plaque even from inaccessible areas between theteeth this gives brighter & some times whiter appearance to the teeth.

Why you should consider Air polishing over teeth cleaning?

According to many studies it is more effective than conventional scrape & polish method No pressure or force is applied on tooth while cleaning stains so no enamel loss. It is painless & does not create heat so the process is 100% safe. No sensitivity issues during & after the treatment because specialized powder. blocks exposed dentinal tubules. Since there is no scraping, you can feel smooth enamel with a brighter look.

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I got teeth whitening treatmentfor yellow teeth, my teeth colour improved a lot now my teeth are white & Iam able to smile confidently, I sincerely thank Dr.Praneeth Kumar & wholestaff of kothamas dental care who assured me throughout the treatment & forgiving me confident smile.
Sana Khan- Hyderabad
Best dental clinic inGuntur, I recently got dental treatment here & I had no pain after thetreatment & done very professionally at reasonable price. I felt very safeafter seeing the COVID protocols & safety measures which were followed bythem. In short best treatment in hygienic environment.
Narendranath- Guntur
Recently I got Venner treatment as my teeth wereyellow & I had gaps in my front teeth. Dr.Praneeth did an amazing job mysmile had changed completely & I am very confident at smiling in crowdthanks to the whole team.
Anupama- Vijayawada
Dr.praneeth is a great doctor! He’s very understanding and listens to your problems. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.
by Brahmjot Singh
I used to face difficulty in cleaning my teethas they are irregular but I don’t like to have braces on my teeth so I gotinvisalign treatment from Dr.Praneeth & now my teeth are straightened &I am extremely happy. He is the best invisalign specialist with artistic skill.
Vamsi- Bangalore