Periodontal (GUM) Therapy

Periodontal (GUM) Therapy

  • Gum diseases are most common infections in the world next to respiratory infections.
  • One major problem is that it is usually painless, with few symptoms in early stages. If left untreated it results in tooth loss.

Is there a cure?                                                                                                                              

  • It is preventable & treatable if diagnosed at right time
  • Depending on how advanced the case is, treatment involves

1. Non-surgical  2. Surgical



  • Scaling – involves removal of plaque & calculus deposits on tooth surface.

  • Root planning – smoothening of root surface to promote reattachment of gum tissue to the tooth


  • Conventional – Gums are lifted back from tooth for removal of diseased tissue &then gum is returned back in to place.

  • Laser Assisted Removing diseased tissue with lasers rather than scalped is more comfortable for patients. With lasers there are no incisions separating the gum , no wounds, no stiches.


Other Treatments