Do you love the way your teeth look, or the way you smile? Are there spaces between your teeth? Do you have missing teeth? Are your teeth mal-positioned or shorter than others? Are your canine teeth too prominent? If answer of any of these questions is yes, then you need a dental check-up. After all, a bright and beautiful smile is not possible without healthy and perfect teeth.


Smile is the best expression a person can show, whereas teeth are the most essential part of your smile. If there is any problem in your teeth, it will directly affect your smile. To make your smile picture perfect, consult our dentists in Guntur. Dental braces are used to align, straighten teeth and re-position teeth. There are many types of braces including metal, ceramic, lingual and clear teeth aligners.

These are the most popular type of braces based on digital technology. These clear teeth aligners are very comfortable and the patient can maintain good oral hygiene with them since they are removable. Patient compliance is very important in this and dentist’s instructions need to be followed for proper results. You can now put braces on and off in seconds with them!

Metal braces hold a thin wire in place with rubber bands to put pressure on the teeth and move them to the desired place. They are the least expensive and are clearly visible to the eye.


Ceramic braces cost more than stainless steel versions; they’re made to blend in with the teeth so they aren’t as visible. Though the braces themselves won’t stain, the ties can easily discolor, especially if you consume foods or drinks that typically stain teeth, such as excessive tea, coffee and red wine.

Lingual braces are attached on the inside of the teeth, towards the palate and the tongue; hence not visible from outside when you smile. They cost more than metal or ceramic braces because the process is more complicated.

Your dentist will guide you as to which type would be appropriate in your case. They will discuss all the advantages and dis-advantages about the different type of dental braces and suggest a treatment within your budget.

Wearing braces is no longer a stage that is feared by teens anymore. Many of them almost look forward to getting braces because it signifies a right-of-passage and shows that they’re not a kid anymore.